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Trump, Italy’s Gentiloni talk trade, security matters

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Thursday hailed Italy’s contributions to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and its efforts seeking stability in Libya but dismissed the possibility of U.S. intervention in that country, saying the U.S. has “enough roles.” After a White House meeting with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Trump stuck to his demand that European allies meet their financial obligations in their partnerships with the U.S., including NATO. Gentiloni, who took office in December, stressed the need for burden-sharing in the refugee crisis, given Italy’s proximity to Libya, where large numbers of migrants take the risky voyage across the Mediterranean to reach Europe. Italy will host the summit, and Gentiloni can shape the agenda on behalf of European leaders wary of Trump’s position on some long-standing agreements. Gentiloni has been strongly critical of protectionist trade policies shielding a country’s domestic industries from foreign competition by taxing imports. Italy has suffered sluggish economic growth and was a staunch backer of a proposed U.S.-European free trade agreement negotiated by the Obama administration.

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