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The Human Side

Roxanne Bouche' Overton has added a photo to the pool:

The Human Side

The Human Side

The Critique:

Thephotograph is dissected in perfect halves. Humans are always drawn to others of our own species and in photography it is the human figure that will draw and hold the eye. His casual stance creates a nice shape with a feel of motion as he leans on the light post. The lines and shapes create a strong vertical pull that is re-enforced with the choice of portrait framing. Windows repeat in shadowy patterns that give substance to this high contrast shot. Intentional camera motion adds nice energy. Spatial relationships are clearly defined. There is strong balance. The light post anchors the image giving it a solid feel.

What I had learned:

ICM lets me turn an ordinary scene into something a bit extraordinary. Abandoning color emphasizes the elements and purity of design.

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