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Tesla brake recall; ‘Pop Your Bubble’ on Facebook; Bose sued

Tesla has recalled 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles to replace electronic parking brakes that may not release properly. Vehicles assembled between February and October last year contain a small gear that could have been manufactured improperly by Tesla’s supplier, according to the Palo Alto company’s website. The Kind Foundation has come up with a “Pop Your Bubble” tool for Facebook feeds, matching users with at least 10 people who might not be their typical “friends” — who might, for example, have political differences, come from another region or be in a different age group. The Washington Post says many such tools are popping up on social media, including a Chrome Web browser extension called Flip Feed that lets people see what a Twitter feed would be like for someone with different politics. , who bought a $350 pair of wireless Bose headphones, said he downloaded the Bose Connect app, which the company said would add functions. [...] according to his complaint, it also gave Bose and a data-mining company access to his listening data, which the suit says might include podcasts or other audio files that could yield information about a user’s political preferences, health or other interests.

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