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Sources: BART hires new police chief from Santa Ana

During Rainey’s tenure, the chief reformed the department and helped it recover from the fatal Jan. 1, 2009, Oscar Grant shooting by a BART police officer at Fruitvale Station. The shooting, which attracted national attention and became the subject of a movie, roiled the department and the transit system in controversy. Rojas worked his way up from patrol officer to police chief in Santa Ana, serving as corporal, sergeant, commander and deputy chief, according to the city’s website. According to the Orange County Register, Santa Ana experienced a surge in shootings, many of them gang related, across the city from 2013 to 2016. While the department may have recovered from the Grant shooting and has a low violent crime rate, it faces other challenges, including a growing number of homeless people who sleep on trains, panhandle in stations and use elevators and escalators as restrooms, and an increase in riders who fail to pay their fares.

Article by By Michael Cabanatuan (c) Page One News - Read full story here.