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LAX>ATX: Californians Living in Austin

Some stat said eight Californians move to Austin every day. There must be a bunch of us here, unless everyone is still stuck on the 405 heading to LAX. I love Austin, but Californians are my people. I was born/raised in LA/SGV and lived in OC for 15 years before moving to ATX. I want to see if there's even any interest in a meetup, and if there is, let's do this. We can get together somewhere with food and drink and talk about how Austin's traffic is adorable, and how HEB is better than Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons combined. We can speak fondly and in hushed, reverent voices about Titos Tacos, and marvel how Texans wave and make eye contact with strangers. This group would be purely social, I'm not selling LuLaRoe, Jamberry, Mary Kay or 3D Lashes, so please extend me the same courtesy (exceptions made for anyone selling Girl Scout cookies, specifically those peanut butter ones covered in chocolate). Singles, marrieds, gay, straight, whatever...if you're from California, join us, unless you're from the IE. Just kidding, former IE dwellers welcome too.

LAX>ATX: Californians Living in Austin
Austin, TX
78717, us

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