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Google Home’s assistant can now recognize different voices

Distinguishing voices will allow Home to be more personal in some of its responses, depending on who triggers the assistant with the phrase, “OK Google” or “Hey Google.” [...] once Home is trained to recognize a user named Joe, the assistant will automatically be able to tell him what traffic is like on his commute, list events on his daily calendar or even play his favorite songs. The ability to distinguish voices may help Home siphon sales from Amazon.com’s Echo, a competing product that features its voice-activated assistant, Alexa. Google quickly blocked Burger King’s commercial from toying with the Home assistant, but the marketing stunt illustrated how the technology can be manipulated. The voice-distinction feature also isn’t being offered for the same digital assistant that operates on Google’s Pixel phone and other smartphones running on the latest version of its Android software.

Article by By Michael Liedtke (c) Business and Technology News - Read full story here.