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Turkey’s referendum campaign unfair, leader’s opponents say

ANKARA, Turkey — Opposition figures in Turkey say they have faced threats, violence, arbitrary detentions, a lack of TV airtime and even sabotage in the campaign for a referendum on expanding the president’s powers. Politicians campaigning against the constitutional changes proposed by the Turkish president also say the state of emergency in Turkey since a failed coup attempt in July prevents them from getting their message out ahead of the vote. The party says it has counted more than 100 incidents of obstructions to the “no” camp, ranging from physical assaults and death threats to detentions by police. With opinion polls suggesting the outcome of the tight race could be determined by yet-undecided voters, “no” campaigners say they face an uphill battle because Turkey’s TV channels are either pro-government or refrain from broadcasts critical of the government for fear of reprisals. Some 41,000 people have been arrested and tens of thousands of others dismissed from public sector jobs for alleged links to the coup attempt or alleged ties to terror groups.

Article by By Suzan Fraser (c) Page One News - Read full story here.