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Tillerson , Xi emphasize cooperation in Beijing meeting

In the highest-level face-to-face meeting between the two countries since Donald Trump became president, the two sides made no mention of other contentious issues, including possible punitive trade measures against China and Washington’s unhappiness with Beijing’s assertiveness in the South China Sea. Xi, greeting the new secretary of state in an ornate room in the Great Hall of the People, thanked Tillerson for a smooth transition to the Trump administration and expressed his appreciation for the sentiment that “the China-U.S. relationship can only be defined by cooperation and friendship.” [...] behind the scenes, diplomats and analysts said there was little doubt that Tillerson had pressed China to enforce sanctions against North Korea and had raised the possibility that the United States would bolster its missile defense in Asia if China did not rein in Kim. China strongly objects to the installation in South Korea of a missile defense system there, and the polite public words from Tillerson were designed to give China “face,” said a diplomat in Beijing who spoke on the condition of anonymity per usual diplomatic custom. At the summit meeting, China is expected to seek a reaffirmation of the “One China” policy under which the United States recognizes a single government in Beijing and does not maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Article by By Jane Perlez (c) Page One News - Read full story here.