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The weekend’s best movies, March 17

Donald, the peculiar friend, is a singular creation, played by director Kris Avedisian. Kong never looked so good as in this well-directed, well-acted, imaginatively crafted and very respectably written revisit of the King Kong story, this time on his native habitat of Skull Island. The Lego Batman Movie: The animated comedy is less awesome than its predecessor, but it’s a clever, well-paced, self-aware and completely satisfying kind of less awesome. All inferior sequels should be as fun as this one. The ninth appearance by Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in 17 years takes a huge tone shift from the relatively bloodless earlier X-Men films, going berserk in its own moody and ultraviolent direction. Jackman and director James Mangold create something great here, upsetting comic book norms without losing entertainment value.

Article by By Mick LaSalle and Peter Hartlaub (c) Entertainment - Read full story here.