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Police shooting stokes anger among Israel’s Arab minority

UMM AL-HIRAN, Israel — On a wind-swept hilltop in this Bedouin village, a cracked solar panel lying atop a mattress and slabs of broken concrete provide an eerie reminder of a clash that has come to symbolize the strained relations between Israel’s government and its Arab minority. On a frigid January morning, Yaakub Abu al-Qiyan was shot dead as his jeep swerved into Israeli police who had come to demolish his illegally built home. [...] police called the 47-year-old schoolteacher a terrorist with ties to the Islamic State. [...] officials now acknowledge he may have rammed into the forces unintentionally and that his fatal shooting could have been a mistake. [...] part of the village slated for demolition is zoned for a new development catering to religious Jewish families with ties to the West Bank settlement movement, raising suspicions among the Bedouin. Why for Jews and not for me? said Salim Abu al-Qiyan, sitting inside his sparsely furnished trailer home.

Article by By Aron Heller (c) Page One News - Read full story here.