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Jerry Brown travels to Trump’s town to look for ‘common ground’

“I find complexity and contradiction very congenial to my bent of mind,” Brown told reporters in the lobby of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s headquarters, one of the governor’s first stops on a four-day visit to Washington. Brown had a very specific goal — lobbying for approval of the state’s latest and largest request for federal disaster assistance to repair storm-related damage. Despite California’s lopsided vote for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election and the state Legislature’s hiring of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to advise it in confrontations with Trump, Brown declined to characterize himself or the state as the leader of the “resistance” to the new administration. On Tuesday, he plans to meet with the state congressional delegation, days before the House is scheduled to vote on health care legislation that could slash the $15 billion the state receives annually for Medi-Cal coverage for low-income people. Brown also said he expects a fight with the administration on vehicle emissions standards, which Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt is reviewing with an eye to rolling back tight new limits on cars and light trucks that are scheduled to start taking effect in 2022. Brown recalled that it was Reagan, as California’s governor, and another Republican, President Richard Nixon, who first agreed to let the state set its own vehicle emissions standards in the 1970s. Brown said the standards are essential to meeting climate goals and reducing air pollution, particularly soot, which he said causes tens of thousands of deaths each year and harms the lung development of children.

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