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Dear Abby: Husband suspects wife’s bar pal is more than a friend

Dear Abby: I’ve had a feeling my wife is about to leave me for another man. For the last few months he has been coming to the bar where she works and saying stuff to her. [...] she used to sleep nude, but now she wears pajamas to bed. Tell your wife you’re willing to get some on the condition that she come with you. [...] if you have a religious adviser, make an appointment to talk with him or her. People in my class openly share their opinions and act disgusted when a slightly older man and a younger woman are together, or vice versa. When I was growing up, I was always told to remove my shoes when visiting another person’s house, especially if they have new flooring. [...] that I’m an adult and building a new house, I would like to ask people to remove their shoes upon entering my home. The soles of shoes are covered with germs, and if small children crawl around on your floors, it’s not too much to ask. Be sure to warn prospective guests in advance so they can bring their own slippers, or keep a supply of them by your front door.

Article by By Jeanne Phillips (c) Entertainment - Read full story here.