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Best wireless routers

Cnet rating: 4.5 stars out of 5 The RT2600 has long-range, fast Wi-Fi speed and plenty of features. The router can host more than one broadband connection, and works as a network storage server when coupled with an external hard drive. There’s no support for combining two LAN ports into a single superfast connection, and you might wish the router had more than five network ports. The bottom line: If you’re looking to create a fast and highly customizable home network with advanced features, look no further than the RT2600AC. The RT-AC88U router has eight superfast gigabit LAN ports, speedy Wi-Fi performance and lots of useful features. The router’s USB 3.0 port is awkwardly placed, and when coupled with an external hard drive, its NAS performance is just average. The bottom line: The bad: A Google account and a mobile device are required for setup and management. The cost: $129 (single unit) to $299 (set of 3) The bottom line: Google Wifi is the best Wi-Fi system on the market. The Orbi Wi-Fi system conveniently delivers large Wi-Fi coverage without compromising speed. The system is expensive, and there’s no mobile app for its setup process. The bottom line: The high cost aside, the Orbi System is a sure and easy way to cover a relatively large home with high-speed Wi-Fi. For more reviews of personal technology products, visit www.cnet.com.

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