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"Texa-fornians" South Denver to N. Springs


What do Texans and Californians have in common?? NOTHING! Unless you live in Colorado (lol). Texas with it's warm Southern charm and California with it's highly sought after climate and trendy vibe make for such an odd combination, I thought it would be fun to meet and get to know others from these states now living in Colorado.  Come join us for drinks, wine tasting, Texas BBQ, live music, breweries, hikes and outdoor activities, and a great time getting to meet new friends! You are welcome to this group is you are a native from Texas or California OR you have ANY significant affiliation with either of these states with either family, business travel, annual vacations, etc. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

"Texa-fornians" South Denver to N. Springs
Castle Rock, CO
80104, us

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